Thursday, June 13, 2013

As an avid tech geek and CTO for a fairly large software company, my off time is often spent burning the weekend hours on my favorite street bike.

Ride of choice: a black Kebel Kuota.
So what's the first thing a tech geek of 25+ years needs to do?

Get a reliable cell phone holder on the bike.

My cellular device of choice: a Windows Nokia Lumia 920 - not the smallest or lightest device out there - but it sure packs a punch with regards to features and technology.

That being said, there's not much in the way of reliable street bike mount and cradle for some of today's larger smart phones. Especially ones that stay out of the way and maintain a reasonable profile on the handlebars. As a CTO, I was obsessed with finding the perfect mount for such a device. After a few weeks of trial and error, I eventually found the perfect street bike mount for my Nokia Lumia 920

Locking Strap Motorcycle / Bike Mount for Nokia Lumia 920

This cell phone mount and cradle was the first reliable mount I have seen capable of holding the Nokia Lumina 920 (a heavy device) in place while zipping along the bumpy streets of South Miami.

One word of caution...

Make sure you place a least one vertical and two horizontal rubber bands around the phone and cradle just to be safe. Although the lock and fit was snug under casual riding, a major bump or pot hole at 20 mph will most likely jostle the device out of the cradle. This was a hard lesson learned the first time around. A few rubber bands later and the phone hangs tight - even on a downhill bridge run at 25 mph.

For those who don't have a Lumia 920, check out the vendors entire list of products for a fit to your particular smart phone...

Have fun and keep on riding...